Darth Imperous (Cetsis Moer)

Campaign: Fractured Empires

Darth Imperous is a pureblood Sith Lord and senior member of the Dark Council. A loyal servant of the Empire, Imperous has no trouble disagreeing with the Emperor, which is why he was allowed to take his place as head of Intelligence. He serves with the best interest of the Empire in mind, unlike his predecessor Darth Zhorrid, who was deemed unfit to deal in matters of secrecy.

Coming into his Dark Council seat at the end of Vitiate's reign, Imperous has seen what can happen when power is left unchecked and unquestioned. He has vowed to be a vocal opposition to any councilor who wields fear and treachery as ways to further the Empire, as those ways have already failed in the past, with far more powerful leadership.