Deon Luran

Campaign: Fractured Empires

Deon Luran is the youngest of two sons born to Nebur Luran and Adiaz Luran. Deon and his brother Neas both joined the Imperial army, Deon's superior skills as a pilot and knack for surviving encounters pushed him up the ranks as a pilot, his Brother Neas however was talented in skills pertaining to the mind and was quickly placed with research and development in the Empires efforts.

Deon had a good upbringing for the most part in his home world of Dromund Kaas. His father Nebur was a laborer in the shipyards and his mother was a retired Imperial strategist, Deon did not know much as to what else his mother was or had been involved in but it was never talked about at home. Nebur was a hard working man who enjoyed a drink a little too much but was a good father and husband.

Deon and his brother did everything together growing up and while their interests were not the same the two had each other's back, it helped that they both shared some link that let them know when one needed the other. Deon and Neas mother went to great lengths to hide her sons "ability" and made sure to teach her sons how to hide and control it to some extent.

Fast forward years later Deon is transporting a VIP whose name he was not told to his home world Dromund Kaas when he felt that same feeling his brother was in danger. Upon Arrival he was escorted back to base where he was informed of his brother's death at a research facility. Using his connection in the imperial army Deon was able to get intel that showed Czerka Corp had led the research at the facility his brother had been working in. The intel showed this facility dealt from new tech to genetic research and that all personnel on this facility had somehow perished with the bodies being deemed unrecoverable. Deon's Military commission was up for re-evaluation so instead of extending his military contract he accepted a contract by Czirka as a transport specialist pilot dealing from secret to classified cargo. Deon hopes to find out what really happened to his brother who he still believes is alive.

After a year-long investigation Deon found a facility in Dromund Kaas held some information regarding his brother's accident or location. Deon planned to leave Tatooine after he dropped off Czerka Corp cargo at Anchorhead to the Hutts when he found out his home world had been attacked by the republic.

Deon is now working as a contract pilot with his main goal finding what happened to his brother, he hopes this new avenue of information gathering is more prosperous than before.

Homeworld: Dromund Kaas