Deon U'Ran

Campaign: Frontiers

Deon U’ran was born on the planet Mandalore, a warrior culture that valued strength, honor, and discipline. As a young child, Deon quickly discovered his passion for medicine and healing, which was seen as an unusual interest within his culture. However, his parents, who were both respected warriors, encouraged him to pursue his passion and trained him in the art of combat.

When Deon turned 18, he left Mandalore to pursue his dream of becoming a combat medic. He traveled the galaxy, gaining experience and perfecting his skills, always staying true to his Mandalorian roots. Deon preferred to work as a freelancer rather than aligning with any particular faction or organization, preferring not to get involved in the politics of the galaxy.

Deon believed that helping people was more important than choosing sides in the ongoing conflict between the Rebellion and the Empire. He was a skilled medic and a fierce warrior, and he used his talents to help anyone who needed his help, regardless of their affiliation. He was respected for his neutrality and his ability to remain impartial, even in the midst of conflict.

One of Deon's most challenging missions was on the planet of Coruscant. There, he was hired by a group of merchants who were under attack from a gang of criminals. Deon arrived just in time to save the merchants from certain death, using his combat skills to take down the gang and his medical expertise to heal the wounded.

Deon was content with his life as a combat medic, but he couldn't help but feel the weight of the ongoing conflict between the Rebellion and the Empire. He struggled with the knowledge that he could be doing more to help those affected by the war, but he didn't want to get involved in the politics of either side.

Despite his reservations, Deon found himself drawn into the conflict when he was hired by a group of refugees fleeing the Empire. The refugees were in desperate need of medical attention, and Deon couldn't turn them away. He helped them escape to a safe planet in the outer rim and, in doing so, found himself embroiled in the conflict he had always tried to avoid.

Deon realized that he couldn't remain neutral forever but he still remained committed to his Mandalorian culture as combat medic and continued to use his skills to help anyone who needed him or hired him regardless of their political affiliations.

Homeworld: Mandalore (Pre-Devistation)