Emperor Vowrawn

Campaign: Fractured Empires

Darth Vowrawn is a charming and sophisticated elder statesman who as of the Cold War, had served on the Dark Council for decades—no small feat in the Empire, where the tenure of new council members was often measured in weeks. His passionate, almost hedonistic pursuit of challenge was well known among his peers, who have learned never to underestimate his cutthroat enthusiasm. However, he did seem to genuinely care for his loyal bodyguards.

Vowrawn reveled in the game of conquest and Sith power plays, driven to euphoria by all the rich details of his favorite sport. Many upstart Sith had attempted to best Vowrawn over the years through a variety of strategies, from complex schemes to bluntly direct surprise attacks. Although some scored temporary victories, Vowrawn's talent for adjusting his strategy on the move had left him the final victor in all these confrontations. He led the attempt to block Baras from being named Voice of the Emperor, and succeeded with the aide of Baras's former apprentice, the Emperor's Wrath. He also had many estates on all of the major Sith worlds.

As the head of the Sphere of Production and Logistics, Vowrawn was excellent with numbers and was aware that the Empire was at a disadvantage to the Republic in terms of soldiers, resources, and allies. Like Darth Marr, he knew that the Empire needed to recruit more worlds to its side if it wanted to succeed in the war against the Republic. He also seemed to be against the Empire's anti alien policies, a sentiment shared with Darth Marr. This was demonstrated clearly, when he supported Darth Karrid's ascension to the Dark Council after the death of Darth Hadra and Karrid killed Darth Gravus, as well as when he took an alien apprentice.

Darth Vowrawn took the throne of the Empire after the death of Empress Acina during the Iokath incident. He is thought to be generally open to negotiations, and has worked with the Republic on multiple occasions. He has been outspoken in denouncing the renegade Sith, Darth Malgus.

After the Supreme Chancellor agreed to the peace treaty in 33 ATC (3620BBY), Vowrawn was pleased, as he had been suing for peace for the previous 2 years without much movement by the Republic.

When the bombardments of Dromund Kaas and Korriban began, Vowrawn was quickly transported to the Sith Harrower flagship, the Terentatek. He and the surviving Dark Council members escaped and fled to the outer edge of the Unknown Regions to consolidate and begin plans to go into hiding.