Common Knowledge

State of the Galaxy

  • 29 years have passed since the end of the Clone Wars and the declaration and reorganization of the Republic into the First Galactic Empire.

  • Sometime between 11 and 3 years: Mandalore was captured, and glassed by the Empire, rendering the planet all but uninhabitable, the timeline on when this actually occurred is messy, as those who were directly involved have given little information and the others are dead.

  • 6 years have passed since Operation Cinder was enacted, targeting select worlds across the galaxy for purging, it is partially unsuccessful

  • 5 years have passed since the New Republic won the final battle against the Empire at Jakku, formally ended the Galactic Civil War, and founding the New Republic.

  • 1 Year since the power vacuum on Tatooine was filled by the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett, taking Jabba's throne.

  • The Republic Amnesty program has begun rehabilitation of imperial officers and troopers, finding them ways to be productive in the new government.

  • The New Republic has begun disarming and dismantling the rebellion fleet, much of what is left are small squadrons, mostly used for patrolling and peacekeeping operations.

  • Rumors of a mysterious unknown Grand Admiral have begun to spread across the outer rim.

  • The Outer Rim world of Afoulbof (Grid square H19) is besieged by pirates and thugs in the vacuum left by Pirate King Gorian Shard's death.