Session #6: A Year Later

Session 6 of the Fractured Empires Star Wars D6 Campaign



6/12/20211 min read

A year has passed, the crew of the Fury Class Interceptor have spent that time training with the Jedi Knight Lakun, and doing miscellaneous jobs around the outer rim, former Sith space and the expansion regions.

After a reminder of Deon’s brother surfaces, the crew decides to start looking into his disappearance, travelling to the Czerka outpost on Kashyyyk, only to find the port full of Czerka personnel and equipment being offloaded onto ships and the news of the facility being shuttered.

With little information to go on, the crew heads to the current headquarters of Czerka, Mos Entha on Tatooine. Travelling through the desert from the city of Mos Espa, and evading wildlife and the local Sand People and Jawas, they find a town under control of the corporation, and besieged by both Tusken Raiders and the sands itself...