Session #4: Casino Dealings

Session 4 of the Fractured Empires Star Wars D6 Campaign



4/25/20211 min read

Leaving Dromund Fels and the Imperial Fleet behind them, the party boards their ship and heads back to where their adventure began, Port Nowhere, no under the control of the Hutt Cartel Crime Boss, Broskhak Elgi Vulg of "Varl".

Arriving at the Azalus class warship turned Resort Casino, the party began attempting to think of ways to get to Docking Bay 47, where the Imperial Transport containing the supplies was being held. Deciding to go to the casino and split up, Deon and Ramir went to look for different ways into the Docking Bay, while Ronhar began inquiring about the local Hutt militia/security force, and Noh-Nami gambled away some of Ramir's money, posing as the "Sith Liason", with Ramir as her representative.

Shortly after beginning her gambling, Noh-Nami had a momentary lapse of calm, and carved up a slot machine, causing a comical poof of the celebratory hologram fireworks before attracting the attention of the Casino guards. Ronhar joined her, though there was no real challenge.

Ramir then sent a missive to the Crime Boss, advising that the Mistress Noh-Nami had come to secure the promised supplies for the Empire and that they would be taking the shuttle. He was instructed to come unarmed, and when they arrived, very much armed, a fight ensured.

Through ingenuitive use of stun and concussion grenades, they were able to subdue the guards, and come to an agreement with Broskhak. He would keep one crate of fine Hutt Cartel alcohol, and they would be allowed to take the ship wherever they needed.

Upon entering the Fury Class Imperial Interceptor, the group found the supplies in the cargo bay as alluded too, but also found a Miraluka man, dressed in Jedi apparel lying unconscious in the medical bay. They decided to keep him onboard as they made their way to Arkania to the dropoff location at Cadret Genetics. Ramir watching over him.