Session #3: Dromund Fels

Session 3 of the Fractured Empires Star Wars D6 Campaign



4/18/20211 min read

After returning to the ship and filling Noh-Nami in on the details of what happened down in the strange alien bunker, the group departs, scanning the planet on their way out of orbit and jumping to hyperspace.

The journey back to the known regions of space and to the world of Dromund Fels was a quiet one, Ronhar attempts to continue to communicate with the Chiss boy, Sivael, having some success with pictographs to convey simple meanings.

Upon arrival, the ship touches down in one of the sprawling farms, another ship waiting at the coordinates they were given. Darth Imperous is waiting for them when they disembark. Stepping out of his own ship, he is an imposing pureblooded Sith, and member of the Dark Council, though he offered congratulations and was genuinely pleased to see everyone was alright, Ramir, the Jedi included.

Imperous discussed their mission briefly, before asking what the Empire could do for those willing to risk their lives to aid in finding a new home for them. Ronhar and Noh-Nami requested additional training, while Ramir and Deon were granted nearly double their promised pay for the mission, Deon also went on to receive some specialized pilot training, which would be needed for their next task.

With nearly two weeks to spend here, Ramir spent that time getting to know some of the inhabitants of Dromund Fels, and some of the Military officers working for the Sith, none of whom had anything harsh to say about Imperous, and in fact spoke very highly of him, while some had reservations about others on the Dark Council or other high ranking officials, they generally did not mind working with him.

After the training was completed, the group was greeted again by Legate, who informed them that Port Nowhere was now back under the control of the Hutts, but that they were ending their alliance with the Sith, and refusing to release the much needed supplies that they had promised. Legate requested that the group go back to Port Nowhere, and "Liberate" the supply ship, which was still sitting in one of the docking bays.