Session #7: Strange Discoveries

Session 7 of the Fractured Empires Star Wars D6 Campaign



6/26/20211 min read

Searching around Mos Entha, Deon is contracted by Czerka to do some freelance piloting and local deliveries. Discovering a possible location his brother, the crew travels to Anchorhead.

Looking for the small villiage of Ghorfas, which the locals declare to be a myth, the crew departs their ship on speeder into the Desolation Canyons of Tatooine.

Finding a lab full of strange tubes with dead individuals of multiple species, they recover holorecords and data files from the computers and then encounter a being thought long extinct, an ancient Sith Assassin known as a Deshade. A former servant of the Ancient Sith Lord, Tulak Horde, this creature recently did battle with the former Emperor's Wrath, Lord Scourge, whom is an old family friend of Noh-Nami's. He escaped, and the Deshade has been living here, devouring the bodies of the dead for weeks, until the crew arrived and dispatched him during their search.