Session #1: The Job Offer

Session 1 of the Fractured Empires Star Wars D6 Campaign



3/20/20211 min read

Noh-Nami, Rohnar Korden, Deon Luran and Ramir arrived at Port Nowhere after receiving an invitation from a man calling himself "Legate". Upon arrival, the group met with the mysterious man, who offered them a job, to break the Chiss hyperspace Prospector Mruss'ivael'muni out of a Mega security prison facility on Belsavis. They agreed, accepting an offer of 12,000 credits each, along with some equipment and a ship to use for this and potential future jobs.

After travelling the 18 hours direct from the floating Hutt Casino ship, they arrived at Belsavis, and using the codes provided by Legate, landed and proceeded into the prison complex. Ramir leading the way and acting as a formal official, they tricked the prison admissions officer into thinking that the Sith, Noh-Nami, was in fact being transferred to the prison as she was a danger to the Galaxy.

Upon entering the facility, the group was able to gain access to level 17, where Mruss'ivael'muni was being held, and proceeded to search for him, after a brief scuffle with some of the guards and guardian droids at the level security desk, the group locates him, discovering that he is in fact, a child of no more than nine or ten standard years old.

Escaping the prison using ingenuitive tactic of one of them being injured, and with the two imperials disguised in armor from the downed guards, they were able to make it off world and on their way back to Port Nowhere.