Session #5: The Dropoff

Session 5 of the Fractured Empires Star Wars D6 Campaign



5/15/20211 min read

The group arrives on Arkania where they travel to the capital city of Adascopolis, where Cadret Genetics is located.

Upon landing, Ronhar remains on the ship with the mysterious Jedi who is seemingly in a coma. while the others rent a small transport vehicle and bring the cargo and supplies they retrieved from Port Nowhere to the singular Sith backed corporation on the frozen world. The drop off at Cadret Genetics went without incident, and they were informed that the Sith fleet would be retrieving them soon, before leaving Republic and known space permanently.

After the delivery was complete, the party members decide to go their separate ways temporarily. Noh-Nami and Deon going to a day spa to relax, with Ramir going to one of the nearby parks to meditate and center himself. Learning quite a bit about a local hero and Jedi Master named Arca Jeth, Ramir then travelled back to the ship, where he found that Ronhar nearly had a run in with the Republic Elite Commando unit Havok Squad, and that the Jedi, was now awake.

The others returned, and began questioning the Jedi, discovering he was injured in a battle on the Hutt Cartel controlled world of Makeb several years ago, and had seemingly been in a coma ever since.

With the supplies delivered to the Sith, the group now must decide what to do... Do they remain together, strengthening the newly formed bonds that they have shared during their short time together, or go their separate ways. Regardless, the Jedi, named Lakun, has offered to stay with them, to lend his knowledge and experience to their efforts.