Session #0: Fractured Empires

Session #0 of the Fractured Empires Campaign


2/27/20211 min read

Session 0 of the Fractured Empires campaign lays down the use of house rules and what is/isn't allowed in the game as far as books and assets.

We will be following the standard SWRPG D6 REUP rules, the PDF for this can be found here.

The Campaign takes place in the year 33 After the Treaty of Coruscant or 3620 Before the Battle of Yavin.

"The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic both lie in ruins, after sixty-four years of war. Factions from within both cracked and failing governments continue to vie for power in the galaxy, and struggle to rebuild. The Republic, officially the victors in the war, offer asylum to those Imperial citizens who had no part in the wars aside from their location within the Empire, while simultaneously hunting down those now deemed war criminals, including the remains of the Dark Council. The Emperor, Vowrawn.

The Jedi, decimated in the waning years of the war, have retreated to Ossus to rebuild, Tython having been sacked and occupied by Imperial forces. The loss of Grand Master Satele Shan and the Jedi Council was a devastating blow to the Order, forcing the remaining Jedi to reevaluate their teachings and involvement in the war and with the Republic."

Most things from any of the official or unofficial supplemental books will be allowed, though some may require some retuning or reskinning to fit into the timeframe.

One thing of note, Hyperspace lanes are not as established as they are in future eras, as such, the use of Hyperspace Nav Beacons is still heavily of use outside the Core worlds, and travel times across the board as significantly increased from what they are in the 1st and 2nd editions of the game. Travel times for this can be found on page 116 of Galaxy Guide 16: The Old Republic