Session #1: Something Foul on Afoulbof

Session 1 of the Frontiers Star Wars D6 Campaign



6/10/20231 min read

Twiilla, Deon U'ran and Tik-Pakal (Tik) eat lunch on the outer rim world of Afoulbof, noticing some of the local Imperial Remnant located at a table near them, they take interest as a strange gray skinned lizard like alien is with them.

After a few moments, the sound of starship thrusters and blaster canon fire can be heard as a Gozanti Cruiser, followed by a sleek gunmetal colored imperial assault craft fly overhead, the assault craft firing on the cruiser, apparently attempting to disable it. The imperials get up and march quickly into the forest nearby, heading to their small outpost.

The group discusses whether to follow them, wondering what is going on, and ultimately decide to do so. They trek the several miles into the dense forest before arriving at the camp, and Tik climbs a tree, trying to conceal himself, to get a better look of the Imperial forces over the walls.

Noticing about a dozen stormtroopers patrolling the outer walls, with several small droids, along with two death troopers who happen to be flanking the gray skinned alien seen earlier, and a KX series intelligence and security droid. One of the Death troopers moves to speak with the stormtroopers at the entrance to the camp, and pointing up to the large Verpine in the tree nearby.

Tik comes down from the tree and Twiilla and Deon walk up to the barricade blocking the front of the camp and ask if the Imperials have any work, feigning interest in a job to find more information on what is going on in general. The gray skinned alien marches over, and introduces himself as field commander Daval, a Noghri which the group was surprised to learn in charge of the encampment.

When asked if they have any mercenary work to offer, he suggests the group take up a job for him, retrieve (intact) the Gozanti cruiser for him, and the VT-49 Decimator will be theirs as payment, with the condition that two death troopers and an astromech accompany them.

The details of the mission, a droid infected by a New Republic virus managed to get onboard and infect several other droids, this resulted in the crew being jettisoned into space and the ship being captured and stolen. The ship holds highly secure information, which is why the two death troopers are accompanying the group.