Session #2: Finding the Gozanti

Session 2 of the Frontiers Star Wars D6 Campaign



7/8/20231 min read

Travelling aboard the "borrowed" VT-49 Decimator gunship, the group finds themselves tracking the stolen Gozanti cruiser with the help of the Death Troopers tracking device. Locating where the beacon was previously located, the group travels roughly a day through hyperspace to an unknown system on the inside edge of the Unknown Regions, where the find the Gozanti, dark, powered down to minimal systems and adrift around a rocky barren world orbiting a blue star.

With Twiilla piloting the gunship, they dock with one of the TIE docking tubes and make their way into the darkened cruiser. Tik, Deon and Twiilla began to slowly and cautiously clear the lower deck of the ship, accompanied by the two Death Troopers. Finding a terminal, Tik began working on attempting to get the security feeds up, or at least determine what was going on with the upper decks of the ship. Suddenly, they were attacked by what appeared to be a HK model assassin droid, who killed one of the Death Troopers.

Continuing on after defeating the droid, the group continued to clear the deck, ultimately finding several more droids, including some mouse droids equipped with unconventional weaponry, one of which nearly killed Deon with a large explosion. The group managed to destroy the droids, and set out to heal Deon and the remaining Death Trooper before determining to continue on with their task.