Session #2: The Detour

Session 2 of the Fractured Empires Star Wars D6 Campaign



4/3/20212 min read

After departing Belsavis, and en route back to Port NoWhere, the group received a coded transmission from one of the Dark Council members, Darth Imperous, head of Sith Intelligence, Legates' superior. He instructed the group to proceed to Dromund Fels, where the remains of the Imperial fleet were located, and that Port NoWhere was now under Republic blockade.

Weighing their options, the group opted to proceed to Dromund Fels, only to drop out of hyperspace shortly after and change course, allowing Sivael to input the coordinates he had been trying to enter at the beginning of the trip back from the Republic prison. The ship went through a series of rapid hyperspace jumps before settling into a strange almost colorful journey into the Unknown Regions.

Upon arrival, they were presented with a planet, grayish from orbit and streaked with lightning. Arriving at the coordinates Sivael had entered, they proceeded to journey on foot, with Noh-Nami remaining behind to watch the ship.

Traveling for several miles, Sivael eventually stopped, motioned to the ground and made a circular motion, this prompted Ronhar to cut up the slate covering the ground, revealing two giant black metal doors with large round hoops for handles. Cutting through the doors themselves as well, Ramir used the force to pull the doors open, flinging one dozens of feet away without trying. Rohnar lowered a rope down and the group proceeded to enter the dark underground chamber. Flanked on all four sides of the opening, were statues with their arms raised as to hold up the ceiling... A Rakata, a shrouded Human, a Muun and a Gree.

Searching the area, the corridor essentially made a large square, with four total sets of statues, all identical. Beneath the statue of the Gree, hidden from sight by the folds of its stone robe, was a passageway that led into a larger area filled with what looked like either servants quarters or possibly prison cells. Further into the chamber was another door, which led into a Large open area with two pyramids one on the ground, and the other suspended directly above it. In the two inch gap between the tips of the pyramids was a black crystalline object.

Sivael rushed forward, grabbing the crystal, and while walking back, slumped to the ground unconscious. Immediately afterwards, a large lumbering creature slightly resembling a Rakata, with eye stalks on the sides of its head and a large shark like mouth stepped forward. Wearing only a dark brown loin cloth, and carrying a strange ancient lightsaber, the creature smiled and attacked the group.

Rohnar and Deon fought the creature, while Ramir attempted multiple times without success to destroy the crystal, always being thrown backwards. The creature continued to fight, even after being shot multiple times and having its arm severed by Rohnar.

After the battle, Deon retrieved the now damaged proto-force-saber and Rohnar retrieved Sivael and they made their way back to the ship with the intent to now bring Sivael, who seemed satisfied with the outcome to Dromund Fels.