Session #3: Assassin Droids & Exploding Mice

Session 3 of the Frontiers Star Wars D6 Campaign



8/19/20231 min read

Retracing their steps along the lower deck of the Gozanti Cruiser, Tik discovers a Gonk droid, actively interfacing with a console, which appears to be editing and uploading machine code at an alarming rate, standing by, the R3 Astromech unit which accompanied the group on their ship from the Imperial outpost to the cruiser.

Attempting to disable the droid, as it was clear it was up to no good, Tik discovered the droid was heavily modified with additional grasper arms, and a thermal detonator "anti-tamper" device. Spending several moments attempting to stop the droid, Twiilla offered a temporary solution in the form of an Ion blast to the droid, shutting it down momentarily so Tik could defuse the deadly charge and figure out what was going on.

The rest of the group made their way up one floor to the crew deck. There, they slowly cleared the deck, looking for additional information on the ships importance to the Droids, and any other details they could get on its original mission. Deon, locating the captains quarters, found several sets of clothing that clearly belonged to the Noghri commander they were tasked by to retrieve the ship, along with a slashed portrait of a blue skinned Imperial Grand Admiral, dated 10 years earlier. While he was inspecting the captains quarters, Twiilla and the Death Trooper continued to clear the deck, eventually encountering a KX series intelligence droid whom attacked them, hearing the commotion, Deon rushed to their aid, and found Tik who had recently joined them as well, engaged. Deon ducked into an adjacent room only to be swarmed by modified Mouse Droids.

In the ensuing battle, the Death Trooper was roasted and buzz sawed by the Mouse Droids, leaving the group alone on the ship with the remaining droids, though they were able to wipe out the last of them on this deck. They pushed on, approaching the lift to the operations deck, unsure what they would find there.