Session #4: Command Deck

Session 4 of the Frontiers Star Wars D6 Campaign



9/2/20231 min read

Pushing on to the command Deck, the group was confronted with an empty security desk and room with multiple apparently deactivated and charging KX series security droids. Inspecting them, they find that several of the droids are plugged into their charging sockets, while 4 of them are not, and react when checked. One droid grasps Deon by the throat and attempts to crush him, but he is able to struggle out of the grasp just in time.

A battle ensues, with Twiilla taking cover behind the security console, and Tik retreating into the entry room for cover. After several tense minutes of blaster fire exchanges, one of the droids tosses a concussion grenade at Twiilla behind the console, she and Deon are hit, but not badly, the console however, suffers major damage, making any future attemps to use it limited at best.

Having beating the security droids, the group pushes onward, slowly and cautiously of what may be around the corners of the turbo-lift housing, they sneak around the corner to find an Agro-droid exiting the lift. Not taking any chances, the whole group unloads on it, destroying it instantly. However, in doing that, they heard too late the sound of the approaching mouse droids.