Session #8: Finding Answers

Session 8 of the Fractured Empires Star Wars D6 Campaign



7/24/20211 min read

Leaving the secret facility, and beginning the journey back to their ship parked in the desert, the crew take note of a freighter being attacked by a Czerka ship, seeing the ship go down, they decide to investigate. There, they meet the smuggler, Mary Reed. Suspicion and anxiety running rampant, a quick conversation and introductions put some of the fears at ease.

Finding a common enemy for the time being, Mary joins the crew as they make their way back to Czerka headquarters for more answers. Along the way, they browse through the stolen security files and discover a possible location for Deon’s brother, and a target for Scourge. An unnamed planet with strange creatures with seemingly amazing healing properties, and a video feed of Deon's brother Neas being experimented on and healed by one of the creatures.

Once at the headquarters, they hatch a plan to find the location of the planet in the security logs. Mary, Deon and Noh-Nami enter the facility to attempt to slice into the Czerka mainframe, while Ronhar makes several distractions. The crew escape from the building as Ronhar triggers an explosion in the hyperdrive refueling tanks, and is buried in the rubble...